Nathan Nicolau


The Gospel Accordingly


From writer/poet Nathan Nicolau and electronic composer/producer Brenden Sica comes a unique spoken-word album. The Gospel Accordingly is an album of original poetry set to original electronic compositions. The poems, along with their musical accompaniment, capture the anxieties and absurdities of current America. In a similar vein as T. S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" and Allen Ginsburg's "Howl," this sobering album examines the state of America today in a unique voice and soundscape. Released through Noise Jazz Records.

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Official Album Cover

Nathan's Latest Book

From writer/poet Nathan Nicolau comes a collection celebrating Japan's longest poetic tradition: the haiku." So Quiet This Wind" adds a refreshing spin on the classic form while also embracing traditionalist haiku conventions. This collection will delight all haiku lovers young and old. 


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