About the Author

While most kids wanted to be an astronaut or a firefighter when they grow up, Nathan wanted to be a writer. Ever since a young age, he has been captivated by stories and how they shape us. This passion for storytelling led him to pursue a B.F.A. from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and an M.A. in English at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.

With his published debut with Goodnight Youth: Poems in 2019, Nathan has established himself as an emerging young voice. His work has been featured in numerous websites and magazines such as Unstamatic Micro Lit MagazineRokku Panku, and South Florida Poetry Journal. He writes fiction, poetry, and essays.

He lives in Charlotte, NC, with his wife and two cats.


Fun Facts

  • He has two pet cats named Smoki and Apple.

  • His biggest fan is his wife, whom he met in high school.

  • He is an avid jazz lover. He bases some of his writing on the music and always writes with jazz playing on his turntable.

  • He loves collecting and playing different instruments. So far, he plays the tin whistle, guitar, various percussion drums, the pocket saxophone, the ocarina, the recorder, the otamatone, and his own invention: a kazoo in a mug! 

  • He is a huge fan of James Bond, Batman, and Harry Potter.

  • He and his wife are huge fans of Japanese culture and frequently visit anime conventions.

  • He loves video games, especially RPGs/JRPGs. 

  • His favorite novel changes a lot, but currently, it is Anne of Green Gables.

  • He is a big foodie and loves cooking. His favorite recipe is his grandfather's homemade spaghetti sauce which was passed down to him.

  • His favorite movie is Lost in Translation (2003).