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Publications & Awards

Nathan has publications across multiple websites and magazines and has accumulated awards.

Below are all of them with links to view.

"Death Follows Everyone, Not Me" (Bards Against Hunger Anthology by Local Gems Press, forthcoming 2023)
"Speeding up the World" (Meniscus, forthcoming 2023)

"Needle in 3/4 Time" and "Here's to Many More, Mrs. Cottrell" (NiftyLit, forthcoming 2023)
"Lunch with Frank O'Hara at the Mexican Cantina: Selected and Abridged" (OPEN: Journal of Arts and Letters, 2022)
"A Saga of Wood" (North Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology 2022 by Local Gems Press, 2022)
"Love Is Sharing a Bathroom" (Chariot Press, 2022)
"Looking at Gabriel" (Noctua Review, 2022)
"Only Yesterday(Silent Spark Press, 2022)
"Starring Scarlett Johansson as The Major in 2017's Ghost in the Shell" (Red Ogre Review, June 2022)
Two Haiku (Failed Haiku, April 2022)
"The Patio Outside My World" (Of Earth and Sky, 2021)
"Our Beholders" (Beyond Words Literary Magazine, September 2021)
"Mindfulness" (North Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology 2021 by Local Gems Press, 2021)

"Branding" (South Florida Poetry Journal, May 2021) 
"Who Isn't Jesus in Texas?" (Unstamatic Micro-Lit Magazine, March 2021)


Buddha Didn't Speak on Eating Popeyes (Oddball Magazine, 2023)
Painting Humanity: The Reality of Isao Takahata (Filmed in Ether, May 2018)
No Sense, No Money: A Tribute to Seijun Suzuki (Between the Frames, Fall 2017)

Review: Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra – Out to Lunch (Rokku Panku, April 2018)
Review: Ayumi Koketsu – Art (Rokku Panku, February 2018)
Review: Kaoru Abe – Akashia No Ame Ga Yamu Toki (Rokku Panku, January 2018)
Review: Sadao Watanabe – Re-Bop (Rokku Panku, November 2017)

Charlotte Writers Club 2021 Poetry Contest - 2nd place for "Touching Coltrane's Tenor Sax"

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