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So Quiet This Wind

"So quiet this wind—
the droning hum
of the indoor fan"

so quiet this wind cover.jpg

So Quiet This Wind is the third collection of poetry by Nathan Nicolau. This collection celebrates Japan's longest poetic tradition by adding a refreshing spin on the classic form while also embracing traditionalist conventions. This collection will delight all haiku lovers young and old.

Nathan's Commentary:

"My aim with this collection is to emphasize the haiku conventions other than the 17 syllable restriction...Bashō—Japan’s poetic master and haiku pioneer—famously said to learn rules and ignore them. In the true spirit of Bashō, I say that this collection is about me learning the rules so that you can forget them."


"This delightful poetry book made me stop in the middle of my busy day and connected me to the sweetness of the universe. The author has the skill to take you out of your reality and transport you to his scenarios proposed in the poetry. That's a perfect sign of an innate poet..."

Q. Rigal

"Thank goodness for Nathan Nicolau and his little chapbook, for showing us how our teachers completely missed the point of haiku, which is at the same time more and less conformist than most forms of poetry..."


"So Quiet This Wind...makes each page come to life with a memory from your past or affection on life. Each page is a reflection into the soul and will relax you and ease your mind..."

- Kate

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