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Goodnight Youth: Poems

"I hear the dogs cry

over the hills.

The cicadas lament

Spring's passing.

The trees call

a familiar name.

Call on me

for I am lonely too."

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Goodnight Youth is the first collection of poetry by Nathan Nicolau. It is a short and eclectic collection of poems centered around two central themes: regret and love. The poems in this collection explore, deconstruct, and reaffirm these universal themes.

Nathan's Commentary:

"When I graduated from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, I was lost. I was jobless and stressed. I developed extreme depression and anxiety that got so bad that I ended up in a mental hospital. I was at a low point in my life. I almost gave up writing, but I persevered. Once I left the hospital, I wrote and self-published my first book of poetry: Goodnight Youth. All the poems discuss the universal themes of regret and love. Since publication, I’ve gotten many positive reviews and thank you notes from people who said they heavily related to the poems. That, to me, is my biggest success and I hope to continue it in my career..."

- (source)


"Very very quick read, with tons of heart and imagery. I love a good poetry book that you can pop right in and out of, especially ones like this that leave you with plenty to think about and ponder."

- Eric Keegan, author of itty bits and Strange Cars in the Night

"Nicolau’s subject matter and messages in each piece are quite clear, though that does not mean they are dry in the least. Quite the opposite, they are filled with rich images that make the reader feel as if they are standing right beside him as he sets each scene, as well as uses poetic language to whet his viewer's literary appetites so that they yearn for the next poem the moment they finish the last...This book would be right at home in nearly any poetry lover’s collection, and could easily elicit a sense of familiarity in almost any adult reader..." 

- Finley

"Nicolau took me into the hospital room 16 years ago, where I watched my son fight for his life and win a battle against death. Now my son has the privilege of daily teenage struggles as he matures into a man..."

- Dean

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