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Office Poems

"This is the only music where the office turns into watercolors."


Step into the office of Nathan Nicolau...

In his fourth collection of poetry, Nicolau ruminates on various topics in between reading emails and grading papers: politics, Buddhism, jazz, and his love for Frank O'Hara. This eclectic collection presents its themes in an edgier yet playfully poetic style that Nicolau is known for.


"The style of these poems is quite attractive due to everyday words used by the poet revealing technical skill and attractive insights. The diction and phrasing of these poems is quite remarkable. The poet for the most part uses matter-of-fact, everyday words instead of artificial and ornamental vocabulary. We find herein very creative poetry."


"A varied but thematically concise work of contemporary poetry, Office Poems mixes together dreamlike verse with an undercurrent of sardonic social awareness. Nicolau's emotive but playful verse and prose poetry guide the reader through original, ironic, and deeply felt contemplations about the fabric of everyday life. The mixture of humor and intellectual inquiry gives the collection a comfortably breezy flair, demonstrating the poet's total control over his vision. Written with straightforward but layered language, Nicolau's collection of poetic daydreams offers something new to uncover with repeated reads."

- Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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