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Featured in "Of Earth and Sky" art installation in Charlotte, NC

A high accomplishment for a writer is not just having your work published in a book or magazine, but to have it out there in the world as part of a city’s culture.

I achieved this with my poem "The Patio Outside My World" as featured in Blumenthal Art's Of Earth and Sky installation, designed by noted UK artist Luke Jerram. The installation takes hundreds of poems by local poets and and lays them out artistically all across Charlotte, NC, creating a unique poetry walk. You can find my poem as a poster behind glass over at The Jazz Room facing 5th street.

I thank Blumenthal for giving me this special opportunity. I'm a huge fan of conceptual art, and I've had a lot of fun walking around Charlotte finding all these great pieces from amazing poets. This has been a huge step in my career as a writer, especially as one representing the Charlotte area.

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