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TWO on location

My debut novel, TWO, takes place in my home city of Charlotte, NC. I treated the setting as a character by including real Charlotte landmarks. Allow me to take you on a tour.

~ ~ ~

Romare Bearden Park

Where the main characters Howl and Ella meet for the first time. It is also where the Spiral Odyssey, a sculpture made in tribute to Romare Bearden, proudly stands. Both the statue and Bearden play a key role in the story.

Betchler Modern Museum of Art

An intimate museum that houses some beautiful modern artworks. Plenty of talking pieces and pleasant sights. Howl and Ella spend a whole chapter discussing art here.

Book Buyers

Appears in the novel as "Sal's Books." Book Buyers is my favorite bookstore in the world. I've been shopping there since 2020 and I always leave with something. I've also given readings of TWO here.


Appears in the novel as "Noèmi's." A pleasant French cafe in Charlotte. The eclairs are to die for.

University of North Carolina Charlotte

I received my English MA from UNCC in 2021. It's a beautiful campus with some of the friendliest professors I've ever met. TWO initially started as my thesis while at UNCC under the mentorship of Dr. Mark West. Howl is a student here and uses Atkins Library to help solve a mystery that haunts Ella.

~ ~ ~

One of my hopes with TWO was to make Charlotte feel alive on the page to encourage more people to visit. Read the novel yourself and plan your trip!

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