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FAQs about TWO

I greatly appreciate the glowing reviews and passionate reactions to my debut novel. It's time to answer some burning questions. Warning: This FAQ will have some minor spoilers, so be sure to read TWO first.

Art by Rachel Morrison (@quietlyawesome)

What's Howl's real name?

I don't know myself. I suppose it doesn't matter, does it?

Art by Rachel Morrison (@quietlyawesome)

Why does Ella speak weirdly/not use contractions?

I was hinting that Ella was Thai and English wasn't her first language, but I suppose that fell through. We could just chalk it up to Ella being very eloquent. Some people just are.

Is TWO autobiographical?

I think everything that someone writes is autobiographical to a degree. TWO has some moments here and there, but my main goal was to put myself into the shoes of two strangers.

Is the Vivaldi opera real?

Yes, and most of it still hasn't been found.

Who is the Preacher on 7th Street?

He's a combination of the many street preachers in Charlotte. There was this one outside my work who was always smiling and saying "God loves you." I'd like to imagine it's him.

Have you seen Before Sunrise (1995)? Did it inspire TWO?

It's a nice movie. I was more inspired by Lost in Translation (2003).

If anyone has any more questions, you know where to find me.

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